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"I have brought Irv into several cases to consult where more specialized securities expertise was required. Irv has the experience, instincts and practical approach needed to assist in cost-effective representation of large and small companies dealing with securities issues." Read More Testimonials

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Einhorn Securities Enforcement Consulting provides advisory and consulting services to publicly held companies, their boards of directors, audit committee's, in house and outside counsel faced with the imminent prospect of an informal inquiry, formal investigation or enforcement action by the Securities and Exchange Commission or other regulatory body. Einhorn provides an invaluable service to the public company, its officers directors and counsel who seek advice or a unbiased and slightly different perspective on the manner in which an enforcement inquiry should be handled.  > Learn More

SEC Enforcement Consulting

The Law Offices Of Irving Einhorn provides advice and assistance to companies regarding the most effective way to respond to and deal with securities inquiries or investigations.

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After decades of working with a myriad of law firms and companies Einhorn Law has and continues to provides expert guidance in all matters related to securities enforcement.

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If your company is the subject of an SEC or other regulatory enforcement inquiry or investigation rely on the guidance of a proven expert in securities law today.

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